"Waterford Suites is well run, clean and the resident manager (Cathy Hayes) is exceptional. "

                                                                                             J.H, Waterford Suites

"Living at the Waterford has been a fantastic experience - it is a clean, quiet, yet pleasant building in the heart of the city. The Resident Manager is wonderful and treats you like family. And the building itself is in excellent shape from the well-kept apartment suites to the heated garage to the warm entryway and the up-to-date fitness facilities. A great place to live in Halifax!"

                                                                                           Mark, Waterford Suites


"Cathy Hayes is very pleasant and always ensures we are enjoying living here at the Waterford. The summer bbq and Christmas party are great. She always keeps the common area at the main entrance cheery and seasonal."

                                                                                      Douglas, Waterford Suites

"Overall happy with the Waterford. Safety is important to me and I never worry. Also like knowing that if there are any problems with the apartment Cathy will be there quickly."

                                                                                      Suzanne, Waterford Suites

"Our Manager Cathy is unbelievable. Her and her partner David go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. Snow is shoveled completely before I even go to work (and I leave by 730am). She knows all of us by name. My wife and I have a 5 month old daughter and they are so kind to her - they even as part of our holiday party got a small gift for her which was so thoughtful. They respond to request/feedback extremly promptly and truly you can tell they strive to make everyone's life at the Waterford that much happier."

                                                                                     Unknown, Waterford Suites

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